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Memories of Andy
Andy was picked up stray with another dog by animal control. They were in the pound for a month and then sent to the Georgia SPCA. They were so dirty and matted that the people at the pound thought he was a Bichon (he is a poodle). The 2 dogs were so filthy and raggy that the SPCA named them Raggedy Annie and Raggedy Andy. They looked so bad they had to be shaved down. Greg and I were volunteering there and saw these 2 little cream-colored poodle dogs in a cage. And that is how I met Andy.

Dear Andy,

When you were in the shelter, I would take you out to walk you during my shift and you would be so excited you would jump 6 feet into the air and twirl around with happiness. When it was time to go back into your cage you would dig in your heels and did not want to go back in. Once Andrew and I walked you on the Greenway. We had no idea you would be our dog one day. You always hated going back into that cage!

Your photo on Petfinder was pitiful and no one was adopting you. One day your best friend that you came in with, Annie, got adopted. You were so scared and felt so alone that the director of the SPCA asked me to foster you at my home because you were very upset at the shelter without Annie. I brought you home and from that moment you never let me out of your sight. You were good as gold too. I thought I would let your fur grow out and get you a proper groom and then take you to an adoption event. But you started to grow on me and 2 weeks later your adoption was official.

You met our other miniature poodle, Skippy, and you two were not such great friends, but learned to like each other okay. He misses you now that you are gone.

You followed me from room to room; you were my shadow for ten years. You were afraid of the broom and any stick like object and I always wondered if you were hit. You were afraid of Tommy, who was 15, but very tall, and you wouldn't pass by him in the hallway. You were afraid of men. Every time I got the leash out to take you outside you would jump so high and twist and wiggle and I would say "you can go out whenever you want now, no need to get so excited!" You loved to be petted and would push anyone's hand with your nose by nudging it, so that one of your nick names was "The Nudge". You loved chasing squirrels from our deck. I would yell Squirrel and you would run outside to chase it. After awhile you and Tommy became the best of friends and you loved each other.

You never got over your fear of brooms but you were happy otherwise being free from abuse and cages.
You were the sweetest most loving dog and spent every minute of ten years with me. You had the most loving spirit. I am so sorry you got so sick and I didn't want you to go but you were in too much pain and the vet could not do anything to help you get better. I didn't want you to suffer for one more night.

We gave you a home and in return you gave us your whole heart.

I will never forget you and miss you terribly. I miss your soft fur on my neck. I miss you sleeping in the crook of my arm. I thank you for making me happy and comforting me for ten years. I love you and miss you.

7/24/2018: Yesterday was one year since you left us. I cried all day. I miss you so much!

7/23/2019: 2 years and I still miss you. Skippy joined you 2 days ago. I miss both you boys.

7/23/2021 I miss you Andy and your brother Skippy. I have a little Lola now here to keep my warm. I love you!

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