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Memories of America
To America Sarmast...a dog that got out of the line for brains so she could go back for a second helping of heart.
To a dog picked out on 9/11/01, the brightest part of a very bad day.
To the agility Lhasa...who turned out to be a Maltese/Lhasa mutt.
To the dog who passed puppy kindergarten based solely on her ability to come to her caregivers...which she did with gusto, flying legs, and up until the very last time she was able.
To jumping baby gates, eating Christmas bows, and hiding ornaments. To doggy take out windows, impossibly long hikes for a small dog, and to even more impossibly long runs with her caregiver.
To the snowplowing, nose licking, sweet dreaming, soft bed lying angel puppy dog and the definition of a puppy, monkey, baby.
To our first puppy, to our last girl dog, to our 15 year companion.
To Tony, who licks our feet to this day because 10 years ago you were too sweet and social to leave alone.
To America Sarmast...the world is a better place as a result of your being in it.

Sweet girl... We brought you home today, your 15th birthday. As time marches on the pain we feel subsides but the love we have will never diminish. The fun memories of you young and full of playful vigor will dominate and the little reminders of you scattered about bring us more smiles than tears. Rest in peace baby girl.

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