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Pet with Cancer:
For those who have a Pet with Cancer we invite you to visit this special area of our site. Bath-Brunswick Veterinary Associates have contributed a vast selection of descriptions, causes and treatment options for various types of caner concerning all types of animals. Join others at the "Pets with Cancer" Chat Room to discuss your concerns. And visit the Mast Cell Tumor section for dogs for a detailed discussion.
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Find an Animal Rescue Selter in your area for adopting a new pet.
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Animal Transport Companies:
Need a professional to help transport your baby to a new home across town or across the nation? Browse our list of Animal Transport Companies.
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Browse our sections on Spay/Neuter Websites & Clinics.
Teachers Curriculum:
This curriculum is geared to teach children the value of all living creatures.
Financial Help for Animal Care:
Foundations that lend financial help for animal care to those in need.

Locate a Rescue Shelter to Find a New Friend

You can search here for a rescue shelter in your area where you may find a new friend. Please select the State and/or Zip Code you are interested in and you will be provided with a list of shelters in that area.

You may also type in a partial Zip Code in order to search a wider geographic area. To search by partial Zip Code, just type in the first three numbers/letters of your Zip Code.

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Add a Shelter to Our Database

Submit a Shelter to our database at Rainbow Bridge. Each shelter in our database will be put into a random drawing every four months. Selected shelters will receive a portion of all revenue that was collected at Rainbow Bridge for that quarter.

We will only accept No-Kill shelters into our database, the submission will be deleted if it is found to be other than a No-Kill rescue shelter.

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If your Province is not listed, enter your country name in the box to your right and send us an Email so we can include your Province.
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To send your shelter addition, please re-type the following security code in the box below and click the "Submit My Shelter Addition" button.

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