Prayer Vigil Listings

The pets listed here are in need of your special prayers because of illness, injury, gone lost or are in distress. Please take a moment to email a Fur Baby's People Parent to let them know they are not alone in their time of need.

Each Monday evening at 10 pm EST we join together to say a prayer for the pets who are listed. You are invited to attend the Prayer Vigil Room.

Date Posted: 5/22/22
Requested By: Julie
For: Sophie
Breed: Labradoodle
Home Town: Chicago
Who needs your special prayers because: She passed yesterday. So heartbroken. Pray she gets to heaven
Email: Julie

Date Posted: 5/18/22
Requested By: Vicki
For: Lucy Sharp
Breed: Lab mix
Home Town: Smyrna, TN
Who needs your special prayers because: Lucy is very sick with kidney disease, within the last few days she has stopped eating except for what i can get down her with a syringe/subqs Today she seems to be uncomfortable and I fear pain. My Love, good girl and constant companion for almost 15 years, finding it overwhelming to say goodbye.
Email: Vicki

Date Posted: 5/17/22
Requested By: Kingsley Kelly
For: Murphy
Breed: Lab/Walker
Home Town: Tampa, G”
Who needs your special prayers because: Please say a prayer for my large breed senior dog, Murphy. He is lethargic and not feeling well. Please pray for a speedy and miraculous recovery. Thank you! Kingsley Sent from my iPhone
Email: Kingsley Kelly

Date Posted: 5/16/22
Requested By: Erica
For: Hugo
Breed: Frenchie
Home Town: Bloomfield Hills
Who needs your special prayers because: Hugo recently had his back left leg amputated due to cancer only to find out the cancer has spread throughout his sweet little body. He has stopped eating and drinking and will soon be crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Please pray for Hugo and strength for his family.
Email: Erica

Date Posted: 5/15/22
Requested By: Ronnie
For: Festus
Breed: Rat terrier
Home Town: Rome,ms
Who needs your special prayers because: My baby is in acute kidney failure but I know my Lord Jesus can turn things around I need some prayers warrior to stand with me that he will be healed in Jesus Name Amen
Email: Ronnie

Date Posted: 5/12/22
Requested By: Gwen Ladner
For: Baby
Breed: Yorkie
Home Town: Picayune, MS
Who needs your special prayers because: Baby is having major surgery tomorrow removing both saliva glands. Pray that Baby does well with the surgery and the healing process. Thank you.
Email: Gwen Ladner

Date Posted: 5/10/22
Requested By: L C
For: Terror
Breed: Mix
Home Town: Goa
Who needs your special prayers because: His in pain, his organs are not functioning properly. He is 16 years old. Not eating and drinking anything, just feeding liquid with a syringe and is being administered some drips, but there's no improvement at all. It's heartening to see him suffer
Email: L C

Date Posted: 5/2/22
Requested By: Matt and Sami
For: Kenna
Breed: Dog
Home Town: Corona, CA
Who needs your special prayers because: Kenna is a beautiful baby girl. She's lived a long & love filled life but is now quite ill w/ no further medical intervention possible. Monday 5/2 @ 7PM PT, please send love & prayers to Kenna for a peaceful transition to Rainbow's Bridge & for strength & solice to Matt & Sami in the days to come🕯.
Email: Matt and Sami

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