Prayer Vigil Listings

The pets listed here are in need of your special prayers because of illness, injury, gone lost or are in distress. Please take a moment to email a Fur Baby's People Parent to let them know they are not alone in their time of need.

Each Monday evening at 10 pm EST we join together to say a prayer for the pets who are listed. You are invited to attend the Prayer Vigil Room.

Date Posted: 4/22/19
Requested By: ALICE
Who needs your special prayers because: Nessa is partially paralyzed due to cancer in her spine. She has gotten very ill and is to the point she is in tremendous pain and must be euthanized. She is scheduled to be euthanized, Friday 26th at 5 pm. Please pray for her to go peacefully and please pray for me. My 1st time it's killing me.
Email: ALICE

Date Posted: 4/15/19
Requested By: Deb & Orley
For: Mattie
Breed: Lab mix
Home Town: Dallas Center
Who needs your special prayers because: Mattie was diagnosed with cancer that has metastasized to her lungs. She is home and we’re keeping her as happy as we can.
Email: Deb & Orley

Date Posted: 4/14/19
Requested By: Kingsley
For: Bubba
Breed: Lab
Home Town: Tampa
Who needs your special prayers because: Please pray for Bubba. He is a senior black lab and has just been diagnosed with cancer. It's treatable, but due to his age, decisions and tests have to be done. Please pray that he'll be ok! Thank you!
Email: Kingsley

Date Posted: 4/11/19
Requested By: Lisa & Joseph
For: Rocco
Breed: Soft coated wheaten
Home Town: Surprise
Who needs your special prayers because: Our sweet baby Boy Rocco was diagnosed with Lung Cancer,He is just 9 years old,We are praying 🙏 something can be done to to Heal him,or put him in Remission.We are going to seek a vet specialist in Oncology Prayers it was caught early enough to be helped.🙏Our Rocco will get better & be cured🙏🐾🕯
Email: Lisa & Joseph

Date Posted: 4/11/19
Requested By: Bruce Ellis
For: Quincy and Blanche
Breed: Golden Retrievers
Home Town: Hudson, MI
Who needs your special prayers because: Both of these beautiful girls are affected NCL. A neurological disease, in Golden’s. They normally do not live till the age of 2. These very precious girls are just over 2. Their daddy Bruce is an amazing caretaker of them.
Email: Bruce Ellis

Date Posted: 4/9/19
Requested By: Blayne and megann
For: Jada
Breed: English Mastiff
Home Town: MANLY
Who needs your special prayers because: Back legs are losing strength due to degenerative myelopathy and having UTI concerns. She still has her spunk and happiness. Do not want her to go to bridge til she tells us is time. Please pray for strength and no more uti's!!!
Email: Blayne and megann

Date Posted: 4/4/19
Requested By: Scott & Valerie
For: Samson
Breed: Staffordshire Terrier Mix
Home Town: Landing
Who needs your special prayers because: Our beloved Sam has had a few mast cell tumors removed, but the last one came back Stage III, high grade. Please pray for him, that above all else, he does not suffer. Thank you
Email: Scott & Valerie

Date Posted: 4/2/19
Requested By: Kimberly
For: Theodore
Breed: Cat
Home Town: Anderson
Who needs your special prayers because: Theodore has just been admitted to the hospital with kidney failure. Please say a prayer for him.
Email: Kimberly

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