Prayer Vigil Listings

The pets listed here are in need of your special prayers because of illness, injury, gone lost or are in distress. Please take a moment to email a Fur Baby's People Parent to let them know they are not alone in their time of need.

Each Monday evening at 10 pm EST we join together to say a prayer for the pets who are listed. You are invited to attend the Prayer Vigil Room.

Date Posted: 11/20/17
Requested By: Alyssa
For: Blackie
Breed: DSH
Home Town: Seattle
Who needs your special prayers because: So sweet at age 20. Declining health over just the last year: stiff legs, heavy breathing, poor appetite, diagnosed CKD and diabetes all at once. Fighting spirit and friendly nature, but very tired now. What does he want? Show me how to help him. Let him feel loved. If there is any way let me know
Email: Alyssa

Date Posted: 11/15/17
Requested By: Maria
For: Squidward
Breed: American Shorthair
Home Town: Brunswick, GA
Who needs your special prayers because: Squidward is suffering from chronic kidney failure and needs prayers. Soon he will be healthy again with his daddy Bonkers and his sister Squeakers. Squid is much loved and will be missed by his human mom and friends as well as the rest of his fur family...his Mama, Peanut, Tyson & Jellybean! XO
Email: Maria

Date Posted: 11/6/17
Requested By: Mike L
For: Ziggy
Breed: cat domestic shorthair
Home Town: Pine Hill Ny
Who needs your special prayers because: Ziggy has been having kidney problems for some time but with a special diet it has been under control until last week on Halloween day. Ziggy was walking funny listing to one side. His kidneys were close to giving out but he is some better for now.
Email: Mike L

Date Posted: 11/4/17
Requested By: Susan cordes
For: Minxie
Breed: Russian Blue cat
Home Town: Trevor
Who needs your special prayers because: My precious cat Minxie has cancer in her breast. It has now spread into her lungs. I just can’t seem to her go. she was a rescue from her owner that had died from cancer 1 year ago. She’s only 12 years old. Please pray for us
Email: Susan cordes

Date Posted: 10/31/17
Requested By: Eve
For: Patrick
Breed: Handsome Boy
Home Town: WV
Who needs your special prayers because: He is grieving for his departed best friend, Penny. I wish for him to find peace once more.
Email: Eve

Date Posted: 10/31/17
Requested By: Konnie Miller
For: Zerlina
Breed: Siberian Husky
Home Town: Kutztown, PA
Who needs your special prayers because: Zerlina was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer(SCC). There is no cure....
Email: Konnie Miller

Date Posted: 10/30/17
Requested By: Missy
For: Jackson Cash
Breed: Boxer
Home Town: Houston
Who needs your special prayers because: Jackson just had a huge mast cell tumor removed from his leg, we are waiting for biopsy results and it’s not looking good considering his other health problems. If it requires further treatment we are going to have to let nature take its course. Praying that the cancer is gone ~
Email: Missy

Date Posted: 10/29/17
Requested By: matt
For: zoe
Breed: mixed breed
Home Town: salem va
Who needs your special prayers because: zoe has a tumor on her spleen that bleeds and it bled again today.she has already been through bladder stone surgery and pyometra surgery the past 2 years.please pray for her to be healed and not suffer or be in pain and given more time please .
Email: matt

Date Posted: 10/25/17
Requested By: Kelsey
For: Maisy
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Home Town: Chillicothe, OH
Who needs your special prayers because: Please pray for my five-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever, Maisy. She was diagnosed with a torn ACL in her right hind leg about two months ago. I've been unable to afford the surgery she needs to fix it at this time due to limited finances. Then this past Monday she was diagnosed with diabetes with
Email: Kelsey

Date Posted: 10/22/17
Requested By: Mike Goshorn
For: Elvis
Breed: chihuahua
Home Town: PA
Who needs your special prayers because: Elvis has been a loving companion for 11 years and now he has fallen ill. Prayers are needed for this baby. God love him, Please, Dear Lord, if it is Gods will give Elvis more time here with us
Email: Mike Goshorn


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