Prayer Vigil Listings

The pets listed here are in need of your special prayers because of illness, injury, gone lost or are in distress. Please take a moment to email a Fur Baby's People Parent to let them know they are not alone in their time of need.

Each Monday evening at 10 pm EST we join together to say a prayer for the pets who are listed. You are invited to attend the Prayer Vigil Room.

Date Posted: 1/16/20
Requested By: Elise
For: Annie
Breed: Golden Retriever
Home Town: Amarillo
Who needs your special prayers because: She is so old. I don't want to put her down, but made the appointment. Was up all night with her last night, trying to keep her comfortable. I just love her so much.
Email: Elise

Date Posted: 1/13/20
Requested By: Shelly
For: Tiny
Breed: Long haired kitty (DLH)
Home Town: Hutchinson
Who needs your special prayers because: She is having a bad reaction to her shots she had today. She's acting very sick and not like her sweet playful self at all. Please if you can pray that she wakes up tomorrow feeling like her normal sweet playful self and not sick and uncomfortable. Thank you
Email: Shelly

Date Posted: 1/13/20
Requested By: Patrick
For: Granny
Breed: Labrador
Home Town: Sarnia, Ontario
Who needs your special prayers because: I don't know what is wrong with Granny, neither does my neighbor who is the dog's father. He said all of a sudden she was very sick and he doesn't know if she'll make it. She's only 6. Please pray for a speedy recovery.
Email: Patrick

Date Posted: 1/11/20
Requested By: Scott & Arieen
For: Cowboy
Breed: Beagle
Home Town: Warrenton, Va
Who needs your special prayers because: Our beloved Cowboy has a mass that is cancer in his lungs. Please pray for comfort and peace for him as the Drs. have given him 3-6 months to live. He is a my son's 1st dog, along with his girlfriend. I know how much they love him and do not ever want to lose him!
Email: Scott & Arieen

Date Posted: 1/10/20
Requested By: Norma
For: Ronan
Breed: Maine Coon Cat
Home Town: auburndale
Who needs your special prayers because: Our boy was diagnosed with cancer Christmas Eve. He is an amazing boy and soon I will have to send him home. Please pray for us as he is 13 and I cannot imagine my life without him. God Bless all the babies and their parents. I weep with them.
Email: Norma

Date Posted: 1/8/20
Requested By: Karen Bergman
For: Popsicle
Breed: Short hair cat
Home Town: Urbandale, IA
Who needs your special prayers because: Please pray for my kitty, Popsicle. She is off her food and water and I can't afford a vet. Please pray she recovers. She is all I have.
Email: Karen Bergman

Date Posted: 1/8/20
Requested By: TJ
For: Molly
Breed: golden richriver
Home Town: Roberts
Who needs your special prayers because: I miss you but I know you aren't hurting anymore.
Email: TJ

Date Posted: 1/7/20
Requested By: Sheryl
For: All the Wild Animals Caught Wild Fires
Breed: Many Breeds of Animals
Home Town: Boston
Who needs your special prayers because: I have many pet cats and they sometimes need prayers, but I'm asking the prayer line to join me to pray for the many wild animals hurt or killed in the wildfires in the US, Australia, and the rain forest. They need our loving prayers just as much as our fur babies do.
Email: Sheryl

Date Posted: 1/2/20
Requested By: Milagros Hernand3z
For: Lula
Breed: Yorkie
Home Town: Browns Mills NJ
Who needs your special prayers because: My a lula got lost on april22nd 2019. I had my mom in the hospital and she ran away of the house they were sitting her Please help me pry that we find her.
Email: Milagros Hernand3z

Date Posted: 12/28/19
Requested By: Andréa Vicari
For: LYKOU (lie-coo... Greek for “of a Wolf”)
Breed: Black SHEPHERD & Flat-coat RETRIEVER mix
Home Town: Whiteville, NC
Who needs your special prayers because: In mid Oct my beloved LYKOU VANISHED without a trace while I was out of state tending to my brother in ICU! Need a sign of hope to know where to look and that he is not suffering somewhere... or for closure, so I can grieve and heal :(
Email: Andréa Vicari

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