Prayer Vigil Listings

The pets listed here are in need of your special prayers because of illness, injury, gone lost or are in distress. Please take a moment to email a Fur Baby's People Parent to let them know they are not alone in their time of need.

Each Monday evening at 10 pm EST we join together to say a prayer for the pets who are listed. You are invited to attend the Prayer Vigil Room.

Date Posted: 3/23/18
Requested By: Venessa
For: Malache
Breed: pit bull/sharpei
Home Town: Dallas
Who needs your special prayers because: Going to vet 3/24 for possible euthanasia
Email: Venessa

Date Posted: 3/22/18
Requested By: Sherry
For: Jack
Breed: Boston terrier
Home Town: Smyrna
Who needs your special prayers because: Jack has heart disease and has started having seizures.
Email: Sherry

Date Posted: 3/18/18
Requested By: Anne
For: Sassy
Breed: Cat-DSH
Home Town: Martinsburg, WV
Who needs your special prayers because: Sassy is ill-took her to the vet-w/vomiting,lethargy,vet found high Alt liver level,unable to afford more expensive diagnostics,so trying conservative home treatment.Had antinausea injection,subcu fluids,demarin.Please pray that this works,and my sweet Sassy recovers. She is one of the sweetest cats
Email: Anne

Date Posted: 3/18/18
Requested By: Cheryl
For: Sammy
Breed: siamese vcat
Home Town: Seattle
Who needs your special prayers because: My baby, Sammy is ill again. I'm hoping that it is a minor issue> I am taking him to the vet & I pray that he will be ok
Email: Cheryl

Date Posted: 3/15/18
Requested By: Kathy and Bob
For: Father Harvey O'Pig
Breed: Teddy Bear Guniea Pig
Home Town: Erie PA
Who needs your special prayers because: In memory of Harvey Pigg,who each St Patrick Day would turn into to Father Harvey O'Pigg. We loved him both as Plain Harvey and Father O'Pigg.. He passed away on Dec 5, 2017 Rest In Peace Harvey Happy St Patrick's Day
Email: Kathy and Bob

Date Posted: 3/15/18
Requested By: Goodnow Family
For: Lacy
Breed: cockapoo mix
Home Town: Austin, TX
Who needs your special prayers because: Lacy is in grave condition at Texas A&M Veterinary Hospital due to complications from surgery for a ruptured disc. Please keep her in your prayersand pray that she finds peace and serenity, be pain free, and become well again.
Email: Goodnow Family

Date Posted: 3/7/18
Requested By: Jeanne Strand
For: Buzzy
Breed: Cat
Home Town: Cedar Rapids, IA USA
Who needs your special prayers because: I have had my little buddy for almost 16 years and he is slowly not able to use his hind legs. I am struggling to let go as he seems in such good spirits yet. Please pray for him and for me to somehow find strength through this difficult time God bless.
Email: Jeanne Strand

Date Posted: 3/6/18
Requested By: Billie
For: Buba
Breed: Lab mix
Home Town: Wathena
Who needs your special prayers because: He is really sick he is 14 and not eat drinking or walking
Email: Billie

Date Posted: 3/5/18
Requested By: Rachel & Eric
For: Nala
Breed: Kitty
Home Town: South Dakota
Who needs your special prayers because: Hello everyone, Nala is just the sweetest 11 yr old kitty ever, but she's been plagued with an infection since birth that the vet cannot cure. She gets really bad asthma and sneezing attacks. Please pray for divine healing for our Nala (gray one in pic). Thank you so much and God bless you!
Email: Rachel & Eric

Date Posted: 3/3/18
Requested By: Matt
For: Zoe
Breed: Mixed
Home Town: Salem,VA
Who needs your special prayers because: Zoe has a tumor on her spleen that bleeds sometimes and will take her from me soon.It bled a few hours ago.Please pray that she be given more time,that she not suffef or be in pain,and that when the time comes I know and am able to make the decision and let her go.Please pray for her.
Email: Matt

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