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From: Irene
On: 7/18/20
I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you and everyone involved. This is beyond heartbreaking. RIP precious one 💔
From: rebecca
On: 8/3/16
i love gorilla's they are awesome i have some best friend's that are gorilla's they are the sweetest boys ever , even though i didn't know vumila bet he was a good boy and very sweet and will be missed
From: Sally
On: 6/2/16
So sorry,
From: Pressy, Boo, and Char's Family
On: 12/25/13
Merry Christmas, handsome Vumilia. We heard the furangels sing to us at the magical hour of midnight on Christmas Eve. Mama Cinder's choir practice was perfect...all the Christmas hymns you furangels sang to us were beautiful. We enjoyed the loving voices of you furangels sending your musical gifts of love from Paradise meadow down to us who love and miss you so much. Thank you for singing to us. We give you these flowers to show our appreciation for your precious gift of love sent to Mum and to us. We leave you our love, special little man Vumilia
From: Pressy, Master Thomas, Char
On: 12/20/13
Hello, handsome Vumilia. We came to deliver this Christmas tree for you. Grandpa asked us to make sure every member of our Paradise meadow family had a Christmas tree for their home in the meadow. See all the trees on the wagon Char is pulling. Master Thomas is sitting on top to keep count...he counted all the trees as we collected them in the magic forest in the meadow to make sure we have one for everyone. They're all decorated...aren't they beautiful. Know you have been attending Mama Cinder's choir practice for the family to be ready to sing to Mum at midnight on Christmas Eve. We'll put this tree next to the beautiful tree Heather sent for you...having many trees will help remind you of your loving home at Christmas. Well, we've got to keep going to deliver trees and we have more to deliver...don't forget choir practice with all the family tonight. Merry Christmas, handsome Vumilia.
From: Heather
On: 12/19/13
Dearest Vumilia and All of the Gorilla Families at RB, Just want to let you know that you are thought of throughout the year and especially as Christmas approaches. I am sending you a very special Christmas tree and lots of goodies and presents for Everyone of you to enjoy this Christmas! Know that you are loved and cared about by many and there are people here who work very hard to try to make life safer and fair for your beautiful and remarkable species! Sending you best wishes for a very Merry Christmas, one and all!! Remember.. do not open presents until Christmas :) With much Love, Heather
From: Gloria and All MY RBB Family
On: 4/24/13
UPDATE: Oliver ( Cinders Son) left me April 10th, 2013 about 9:30 AM. He is now with his Mama at Rainbow Bridge. I know you were to meet him. I know Jake had everyone there to carry him home. I hope he is not to sad. Please let him know I think about him everyday. Thank You sweet Vumilia. One day we will All be together and what a reunion it will be. xoxoxox Gloria
From: Gloria and All MY RBB Family
On: 3/31/13
May you have a wonderful Easter. Don't forget to do to the sunrise service. Gloria and all the family. May you have a wonderful Easter. Don't forget to do to the sunrise service. Gloria and all the family
From: Gloria and All MY RBB Family
On: 2/14/13
Happy Valentine's Day. Jake asked me to send this to you. xoxo Gloria
From: Gloria and All MY RBB Family
On: 1/18/13
Dear Vumilia, I have found a few more pictures to add to your page. I pray, where ever your two friends are ~ Theresa and Mapendo will see these and remember Sweet Vumilia. Don't be sad, as one day you will ALL be together again. Thinking of you today. Just remember, we ALL love you. I am sending you some fresh bananas. :-) xoxox Gloria and ALL the Family
From: The Sunshine Kids
On: 1/13/13
Dear Vumilia and Mapendo, We are so very honored to be assisting with the decorations of the glade for this most special of occasions, your fifth homecoming anniversary, Vumilia. We know how greatly you will enjoy the wonderful ride with Char, Pressy, Master Thomas, Boo and Mapendo toward the beautiful glade in the meadow where the Childers Family have made a grand celebration feast ready for you and your many dear friends at RB. Enjoy your celebration Vumilia, and remember how deeply and dearly you are loved by so many. You are not forgotten by those who knew you and loved you, nor by those who care so deeply about what happened to you and your family. A special goody bouquet is on its way from our Mom, it has many favours for one and all. Enjoy!Sweet Blessings to you. With Love from the Sunshine Kids and their Mom.
From: Jake, Master Thomas, Boo, Char
On: 1/13/13
Good Afternoon handsome Vumilia. We came to escort you to your anniversary party tonight. We have this beautiful carriage for you to ride in...Char is taking you on a grand tour of all Paradise meadow on the way to the party. We're going by the beautiful mountains to see a colorful sunset...all the fiery colors of a setting sun. Master Thomas and the Boo are helping me escort you...they have many stories to tell of wonderful friends you have in Paradise meadow. The Sunshine Kids are decorating the party glade just for you...they're making it look like your jungle home. The meadow party tables are set with softly glowing candles and shooting stars above are also glowing in your honor. Master Thomas has yellow roses of remembrance for you...a special member of the Childers meadow fur family. All furangels are here tonight for they love you. Many people below are remembering you. This is truly a festive night in your honor. Come now, Char has the carriage ready for your ride.
From: Sarah's mom and dad
On: 1/13/13
Hi Vumilia ! Sarah, Missy, Monkey and Baby Sally will be at your party near the lake ! We live close by at Rainbow's Bridge and will leave a gift for you too ! Please don't be sad about your friend Mapendo. It's hard to leave friends behind - we know that too ! All of our love.
From: Gloria and All MY RBB Family
On: 1/13/13
Dear Vumilia, Today marks your 5th Anniversary Homecoming. As one might say, that was long ago and far away. I do know your life was not as we would have wished, but your best friend Mapendo was with you for part of your short life. I also know Theresa loved you so much. We continue looking after you as this was her wish, that you never be forgotten. We honor you. There is a Dinner just for you tonight near the lake and ALL of the Childers Family & their friends will be there for you. You have been such a big help to all of us as you are indeed a very smart gorilla. Its an honor to call you part of our family. I light this candle in your honor. Jake will come by for you just before dark to take you to YOUR Dinner. Thank You for all the things you have done for our family. xoxoxox Gloria and All
From: Gloria and All MY RBB Family
On: 1/3/13
Dear Vumilla, Thank you for all of your help during the holidays. You are so good at knowing how to use the CD player,the tape recorder and all of those thing. I am sending you a remote control-so using these things will be easier for you. Perhaps I can find a small TV. Not sure if u would like one as it seems all they show is bad news. I'll think about this. The remote will help u with all sorts of tech things - if u can understand the directions. remember keep these things away from the little children as they will just break them. They do not know better, so we have to understand this. Rest and stay well. You are such a big help to all the family. xoxox Gloria and all the RBB family. I am sending you another box to store your tech things in-so the children wont break them. :-) We all love you.
From: Gloria and All the Family & Snickers
On: 12/29/12
Vumilia, May you have a wonderful New Year xoxoxo Gloria
From: Gloria and All MY RBB Family
On: 12/25/12
Dear Vimilia, I heard the program last night was WONDERFUL. Those were Jakes words. Thank you so much for all of your help. I am so glad you moved closer to all of us. You are so smart and do lots of work helping the Family and keep wonderful records. I am also glad Santa brought more printers ink. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. xoxox Gloria and ALL the family. I am sending you a few more Bananas :-)
From: Gloria and All the Family & Snickers
On: 12/22/12
Dear Vumilia, Well, Christmas is almost here. I am sending you a Christmas Stocking. You hang this on Christmas Eve and Santa will bring you presents. Perhaps you could use some printers ink? I just know everyone has been working so hard on the Christmas Eve program and just know it will be wonderful.Christmas day there will be a grand dinner. Christmas night, there will be a small program for Tatiana as it will be her 5th Homecoming. Thank you for all of your help with Puppy, the 20 children and all that you do. Do not forget to hang your stocking. xoxox Gloria
From: Gloria and All the Family & Snickers
On: 12/18/12
Dear Vumilia, Thank you so very much for your help a few nights ago in welcoming all the Children. You were a BIG help. Thank you also for helping Puppy move his things to Jake's house. Now he is not alone. You do know you may move closer to Jake's house if you wish. Just say the word and ALL will help. Say a little prayer for your Mum. We have not heard from her in a good while. She may be with you. We just don't know. Perhaps you could check. Keep going to Choir practice. We are all so glad you have joined our family. xoxox Gloria I am sending you a nice box to store your computer in. Keep it safe and don't let the Children play with it. Perhaps you could give lessons- on its use to the adults who can manage to hit the proper keys. xoxox
From: Gloria and All MY RBB Family
On: 12/7/12
Dear Vumilia, I hope this won't make you sad, but I found some pictures of you and Mapendo. I can not find out how or where Mapendo is, but I will keep searching. You are indeed a handsome Gorilla. Thank you so much for Helping Jake with the computer. You will be a very respected member of our family. I am sending you some fresh Bananas. Hope your Christmas Program is coming along well. Most Sincerely, Gloria and the RBB kids

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