Precious ("Pressy")'s Rainbow Bridge Guest Book

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From: Yaqi (Kyon's Mom)
On: 11/26/23
To Grandpa Richard, Grandma Patricia, and Casey, thank you so much for leaving such a wonderful message for Kyon. Thank you so much. I am so sorry for the lost of Pressy and many of the darling furbabies that spent their time on earth with you. I will be sure to visit them all in due time. Thank you so much, once again.-----Hello Pressy, you are just the most precious cat ever to Grandpa Richard, Casey, and Grandma Patricia. Thank you for teaching my Kyon how to send me love signs in the wind and how to visit me in my dreams through angel wings. Thank you for keeping him company whenever he feels lonely and misses me. I can't thank you enough so here's a wonderful gift I have for you for all your hard work in loving everyone who spent time with you on earth and for everyone you are still with now. It's an early Christmas present! Whatever you wish for to be in there, it'll be in there as you unwrap it. Tuna, toys, love, thoughts, everything- If you wish for it, it'll be in there.
From: Morgan (Daisy Lu's sister)
On: 6/6/23
Dear Precious Pressy, Your presence on this earth truly was a gift to your family and even today you light up the faces of many with your sweet photos and memories. Your family loves you very much and writes such nice words for you. I know you are patiently waiting for the day you will meet your family again. While you are there, in the meadow by the Rainbow Bridge, would you mind playing with my Daisy Lu? Miss Daisy is brand new to the Bridge, only by a week, and would love a kitty friend. Please send kisses to your family and show Miss Daisy how to play and enjoy each other's company until we get there. Love, Morgan
From: Lauryn (Dawn’s mommy)
On: 5/31/23
Sweet Pressy, your grandpa recently left a super sweet note on my Dawn’s memorial page. I can tell you were so cherished during your time on earth and it makes me so happy to see you still lighting up the lives of people across the world. I hope you are playing with Dawn! She loves to hide and surprise people and loves a good game of chase. I’m leaving you a hairbrush because my Dawn absolutely loved having her hair brushed and I bet you did too. Sending you and your family so much love!
From: Elizabeth Robbins
On: 4/4/23
Hello Dear Pressy you have been so loved and cherished - Please find my Rocky and send him my love
From: Kristen
On: 3/11/23
hi Pressy, Please try to find my baby boy Booker. I am so sorry you are gone you were loved by so many especially your grandparents. I am leaving you a little something. Lots of love to you.
From: Lynne
On: 1/7/23
hi Pressy's Grandpa, this is Lynne from South Australia. You recently visited my daughter Topsy's memorial and wrote some beautiful words. These messages from Rainbow Bridge from people and from furr children that are across the bridge mean the world to me. I am sorry that you have lost so many best friends along the way. Why dont furr children live longer? They should live longer than humans because they are generally more kind and forgiving. But, that would mean we have to leave them behind, which really isnt a good option either - so, we grieve. Thank you for caring and sharing Pressy's memorial.
From: alan
On: 11/20/22
Pretty Pressy, I know that you and my little dog Chuck will be come fast friends. She gets scared when she is alone and needs a friend. she will want to share this can of tuna with you. I will visit your brother and sister too.
From: Mike
On: 9/8/22
Hello Precious Pressy and her wonderful family. I'm sure Pressy met my beautiful Kitty at the Rainbow Bridge and they are now frolicking together in the lovely green meadows. I know you gave Pressy a wonderful life and she is waiting for you to someday join her. Wishing you the best. God bless.
From: Mary (Feathers mom)
On: 5/7/22
Hi Pressy! Thought I’d visit you and thank you for helping my quail, Feathers, send a message to me on the 1st anniversary of his passing! It was a large heart shaped cloud and a lighted candle shaped cloud together in the morning sky! Some friends say the also saw an angel shape! I took a picture of it and posted it on Feathers’ memorial! Thank you sweet kitty! Love you! Mary in Sedona AZ
From: Cappuccino's Mom&Dad
On: 4/4/22
sweet Pressy, how precious you are and truly missed as we miss our sweet Cappuccino. He's very new at the Rainbow Bridge, so please show him around and play with him, as he was the sweetest, kindest soul and always loved to make friends and meet up with all his buds. We miss him so very much and please assure him we will meet again and stay together forever. Thank you so much for visiting and signing our Cappuccino's guestbook. I can see how much you all loved sweet Pressy and all her siblings and I know she is sending lots of rays of signals to show her presence and hope she continues to show our Cappuccino how to do so as we feel him in our hearts all the time. Sweet blessings always.
From: Nadine McFarland
On: 3/7/22
How beautiful and precious are those memories. I know my Angel and Gabriel and your Pressy are now friends along with all the other precious ones at the Rainbow Bridge.
From: Emily
On: 11/28/21
Thank you for signing Cooper's guestbook. Your words brought such comfort and I feel Pressy and Cooper are friends for sure, waiting on us. May they Rest In Peace and may we feel them with us always. (I included a box since Pressy liked boxes.)
From: Ashley
On: 7/9/21
Thank you for signing Creepy's guestbook. I hope that Creepy and Pressy have met each other near the Rainbow Bridge and have become friends. She was a sweet, beautiful kitty. God bless you and your family.
From: Ashley
On: 6/27/21
Thank you for signing my Gregor's memorial page. Pressy was a beautiful gray lady, and it is obvious she was very special and dear to you. I hope that she is playing with Gregor now by the bridge and that they are happy together. May God bless you, your family, and all of your beloved animals.
From: Linda A. Engberg
On: 6/10/21
Precious Pressy, you are so beautiful. I hope you have met my Babie J and play together at the bridge. Your Grandpa loves you very much and he talks about you all the time on Monday nights and has helped me and many others who are missing their babies. I just know you at the head of bridge welcoming and comforting those who also miss their parents as they cross the bridge. God Bless You and Your Grandpa. Sending you some tuna fish.
From: Neshan
On: 6/6/21
Thank you for stopping by at Lola's memorial, I really appreciate your kind words. I am so terribly sorry about the loss of sweetest darling Pressy. I know that sweet Pressy and Lola are both back to their vibrant selves, waiting for us and playing, healthy and happy. I can feel the love you have for your sweet angel in your words. I know that Pressy can feel it too. I'm sending lots of love, healing and warmth to your family, as well as lots of comforting thoughts. xo
From: Linda Bennett
On: 5/25/21
My most gracious thanks for your sympathy on Zoey's passing. Your words and thoughts were comforting at this sad time in my life. Your pictures of Pressy and her fur baby family are precious. So beautiful and so much love there. My heartfelt sympathy for your loss of each one, especially Pressy. I'm sure she gave Zoey a warm welcome and they are now enjoying all the wonders of Paradise. For Pressy's gift, I leave a catnip mouse to express the enjoyment and love you gave each other in life and the excitement when you are reunited again in eternity. May the good Lord continue to comfort us as we make our journey onward to that place of seeing our dear loved furbaby family again. Thank God that Love is a bond that can't be broken throughout life and eternity.
From: Camille
On: 4/10/21
Hi ! Beautiful Angel Pressy, Stopping by this afternoon to give you a yummy treat for you to enjoy and to Thank your nice Grandpa and your family for visiting my Tristan who just enter Rainbow Bridge and for his beautiful sentiments to my boy that brought me such comfort. I’m sure you meet up with Tristan already and I know you are all friends playing in beautiful green pastures ,Oh sweet Pressy you are a very special angel to me ,lots of gentle kisses my friend and always remember that you are very loved and always remembered. Have a fun day ,love your friend Camille ♥️♥️🌈🌈🙏🏼
From: Missy's Mom
On: 3/30/21
Pressy, wanted to leave a little love at your residence and thank your grandparents for visiting our sweet, sweet Missy. Don't worry, she's a little dog and never met a four legged or two legged creature she didn't love so I am sure you are helping her adjust. She left behind two sisters and a brother here who have wondered, I'm sure, where she got off to. But we know, don't we? She's safe at that beautiful meadow and though my heart aches constantly, I will be there one day to pick her up along with my other furkids that live at the Bridge. Again, thank you to your grandparents for their kind words and give Missy my love, please!
From: JR
On: 2/27/21
I'd like to think your precious Pressy is showing my dearly and recently departed Billie and Simon the ropes on the other side. It's clear in your tribute and diaries how much Pressy meant to you ... and continues to mean to you. That love will always be there, from Pressy and from you. Neither time nor distance can touch it. Thank you for your tributes to our lost loved ones, especially our most recently departed Billie and Simon. JR

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