my cat jaguar
by sunny Thomas
my best friend jaguar died yesterday night I have been crying for a day straight, he was with me since I was born, he never hurt me or anyone, he was loving, caring, he followed me, and comforted me. When I heard he died at the vet I screamed and cried, I still am, we are going to get him and bury him and we have a beautiful stone and It was carved Jaggy with a heart, it was beautiful. He has been with me my whole life but he is gone. I said no one can replace my cat and best friend jaguar. I am still grieving, my heart is hurt, I feel like I will never get over this loss of my pet Jaggy. I love you jaguar to the moon and back and around the universe and it keeps on going and never comes back. I send you blessings every night. Love you.
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