Honey and Billy
by pip
Memories of Billy
You were nine weeks of age when you came, you were full of mischief and
life. You looked like a little stick of fritz on legs. You had a laundry basket to sleep in and you tipped it you didnt want to sleep in it. You chewed shoe laces and pulled the knitting off the needles. The first time you saw a cat you were scared as Tabby stole a piece of toast and hissed.
You got off the bed onto a cupboard and walked across it as you did you trode on the answering machine and left a message. You were so full of life and curiosity you accidently put your paw in a cup of soup as I sat on the floor. When you went down the street for a walk Lisa accidently trod on your foot you screamed and the lady in the house we went past rushed out. You always was known as the terror of Semaphore by the lady who worked the Art shop.
it was so sad to see your eyes once full of life now dulled with age and cataracts.
You are free now of pain be young again like a puppy feel the sun on your face and the wind in your coat. Play with Lady, Pip, Belle, little Chloe, Tabby and Tuffy and Gregory.
I hope to see you again one day until then be free.
Rest In Peace Darling Billy. And now Honey has gone suddenly She is free now from age and pain now and can be young again and play. You were always a sticky beak couldnt mind your business you thought you were so tough that you take on the world.
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