I started a new life without you today
by patricia kovach
I started a new life without you today,everyone said it would be okay,so I got outta bed then I went to pet your head when I realized again that you were gone I found it hard to move on then I got started on my daily routine but you were not there so it felt like a dream I really miss you this has been so rough I no you would not want me to be sad I should be tough I miss your ears your tail and your love now your my special angel that guides me from above I started my new life without you today you were not there wanting to play I could picture the good times we have had and try to be happy and not sad but I miss you so much its killing me inside its so hard to believe that you died I started my new life without you today I no it is gonna be hard but I think I will be ok cause I no you are near in spirit with love I see you in the birds that fly up above<3in memory of my cupcake I love you so much<3
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