by michelle
Yesterday April 7 2016,I let my baby go. Oliver was my 11 and a half old persian. And he was so loved!!! Eight years ago he had stage 4 renal failure but he bounced back after the care he received.
Then the disease came back a month ago. He started withdrawing from me. He had his days when he perked up! Then last Friday he just gradually got to where he wasn't eating. Took him to the vet this past Wednesday and was given options.
I had to let him go. He was in pain and so thin. This was so hard for me to do. I cupped his face and told him to be good for mommy. I told the vet to do it. I just told him over and over as I kissed his cheeks that I love him.
My life is forever changed with him not here. As we were driving home I felt this rush run thru my chest. I know it was him telling me thank you and that he loved me. Irreplaceable...... I love you Mr.Oliver!!!!""""
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