The story of me loosing my best friend
by kyleigh knox
My name is Kyleigh Knox and I'm 15 years old. I have recently lost my dog and i'm taking it really hard. He was a Yorkie and his name was Chance. My family and I got him when I was 5 and had him for 11 years. I remember the day we went and bought him and how we played with him when we got home. Chance and I weren't really close at all till this summer, we cuddled a lot, went for car rides, and played a lot. Then he started to get tired a lot. So he would walk into the hallway and I could hear his little feet coming towards my room, and he would scratch at my door and would sit there till I opened it. Well Friday October 9th, someone decided to leave our back gate open. He got out and we looked everywhere for him and there was no sign of him. I would check the front and back door every 15 minutes hoping he could come home. So the next day I went with a friend to a pumpkin patch and my mom texted me saying "well, I have bad news." I didn't get good service because the place was in the middle of nowhere. But once I got enough service to make a call go through I called her and she had told me that Friday afternoon my dog got hit by a car. I was in total shock I just stared at the ground and all I could say was " you're lying". I tried so hard to keep my emotions in but I felt that my entire heart just shattered into pieces. Chance was my best friend and I miss him more than anything. Lately it's been so quiet and so lonely here without him. No more barking, no more cuddles, no more scratches at the doors, and no more kisses. Man oh man if I could hold him in my arms one last time. Rest easy papas.
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