Little Freddie the survivor
by jane t
Dear Friends today I am remembering little Freddie the cat from next door
who sadly had a mean owner who neglected him
Little freddie used to come into my yard and we would feed him
one time I saw him curled up in my yard in the cold and in a pile of twigs
I got him a cat basket and opened the under door of the house so he could go under to keep warm near the pipes. He did use that and I felt relieved. It was hard to tell Freddie as he was an independent driven to it by the mean person who owned him
but he got to like us !
For 2 years we fed him and gave him water and then suddenley 2 weeks ago he dissappeared He was 16 years old and I am hoping he just went to the Rainbow Bridge peacefully under the house We did all we could and all cried about it He lived in the freezing cold and made his way around with strength and dignity by the end we could all pat him
Comments would be appreciated by the author, jane t
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