A Mother,s Love
by heather
A Mother.s Love

As I sit all alone in my little home,
My memory begins to wander and roam.
To a time when my baby was safe in my arms
And the love that I gave her seemed almost enough.
We would sit eating candy at night on the couch,
She always enjoyed eating them and would touch me for more
So i would tell my little girl Ok just one more.
My little girl was much more then my pet or my dog
And when she left me my head was in a fog.
There are no words to explain how I feel
To be left all alone for this broken heart to heal.
My little girl. my baby I miss you so much
And I long for the time when our two hearts touch.
Your Mommy still thinks of you every day
My little one, my sweet baby girl the apple of my eye
I will love you forever until the day that I die.
So sleep in peace my little girl,
Your mommy will love you to the end of the world.

Love you to the Moon and back.
Your loving Mommy

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