Love of life
by Kaitlin fraser
WE all have that one pet, That one animal we love more then the other. My aussie is that dog. throw the days we did high jumping, then we trained. His heart bigger then gold, he'd do anything i asked no matter how much it hurt. His eeys filled with pride yet the sadness shows throw when he knew he didn't do it right. He would try till he show me he could. His body still strong and always willing. I think the day he will pass from my life. He's the angle in my eye, the spark that stats my day. He's day still free and following his limbs still allow him to run and play. We visted a home were we visted his people that he bring as muvh joy to as he did me. He stay close in my heart never straying far. When the boggie man was sure to get me when i was young he was there, never letting me outta site. He's heart beating, the sound of him breathing, makes me know , i have him still, to holld, as i see others dieing.His head held hi, he licks my face as though it's drity after i've just ahd a shower. Him rubbing againts my black pants, before a date, as to say, she's mine not yours. The love and care he brought to me can never be replaces . I'll never for get my dear dear Prince!
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