loved everyone
by ellie Sydney
Ellie aged 7 a long haired German Sheppard had kidney failure, we did not want to let her go. I took her to the Beach on Saturday gave her Hot Dog Sauage, and Ham, and Turkey. Ellie walked really close to me on the beach just looking up at me, it was as if she new something was wrong, she never went up to other dogs, or people this was odd for Ellie. I tryed so very hard not to cry as I new it was her last time on the beach. I held my tears in for so long then I cryed. We left the beach then drove home. I held on to Ellie during the evening. On Sunday I gave Ellie a bath as she was going to sleep on the Monday morning, and did not want her to go dirty. So Ellie had a shower and i brushed her. Monday morning Ellie looked sad i just cryed and told her how very much she was loved but we had to say goodbye. I could not be with her when she went to sleep so my husband took her. Monday 01/02/2016 Ellie slipped away in the care of Blue cross. Ellie was then Cremated at Green Ackers Pet Cemotury. Ellie will be in our Hearts forever. We could not of loved Ellie anymore than we did. She had a Happy life with us. Ellie loved Wheelsby Woods the most, and putting her head out of the car window and having all that fresh air. Bye Bye Ellie but not forgotten.
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