by denny and ellen weber
Oh Snuggles how we miss you, our hearts are so lonesome since you left us,but we know you are no longer in pain and no longer have to try to be strong for us you are in gods land now, such a joy with all the vacations walks talks photos all the people you brought smiles to ,the photos strangers asked to take of you,which are across the world who had the chance to enjoy you also.the tears you licked away,the joy you brought,a faithful friend,there to always greet with a happy tail wag and your own way of saying hello,your wave of the paw,the countless laughs and smiles you brought to us,the endless treasures of memories we are left were so special,never satisfied if the three of us were apart,but always content when we were back together the group hugs and kisses we shared,thank you for all of the wonderful memories you left,even though our hearts ache everyday for you,I pray you can feel our hearts ,when we hold you near, our one and only dear faithful furry friend our unconditional love lives on thank you for all you gave us,we love and miss you and dad
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