by david and cynthia gaspari
I remember the first time I came home from hunting and there was this big dog in our house. To me she looked like a wolf. She was a greyhound and my wife cindy always wanted a greyhound so we had her for a weekend to try her with our beagle Luckydog which we lost 10-01-2015 and our two cats. Little be know Chick got along great with all the other pets. My wife Cynthia was in her glory. Oh chick was a family greyhound, but she grew very attached to cindy. They would take long walk and strolls and just have plain fun. Chick was a very good girl an she never complained. About two and one half months ago she hurt her left front leg and was limping nothing showed on the x ray we took many trips back and forth to the vet, getting all kind of meds pain killers inflamatory more pain killers. She seemed to be getting better but we knew she was in pain despite all the pain meds. We are so broken hearted. Last Friday 04-15-2015 we took chick once again to the vet, because she had developed a large baseball size lump on her where the shoulder meets the chest, the vet did not like the looks of it. The vet said our chick was also in pain cux she was quivering and panting very hard we knew she was in pain. She had been very heavliy medicated for 2.5 months. The vet suggested we x ray the left shoulder are again and compare it to the previous x rays, our poor greyhound chick had developed osteosarcoma or bone cancer which is the most common death in grey hounds. We could have prolonged her life with fentenol patches and chemo but it would have only made her comfortable with the pain, but the vet did say one wrong move with her leg and it would snap in two. My wife in I were heartbroken crying and holding our greyhound we had just lost our beagle 6 months ago. The vet suggested to us that we have done everything we could for chick. She thought putting her to sleep was a good thing. So that is what my wife decided to do and they gave her a relaxing sedative and we cried some more and more and more and more. Then when my wife was ready to say good by the gave her the final shot and she went to rainbow bridge with our Luckydog. We have many other fur friends at rainbow bridge. We are devastated losing two best friends in 6 month please say a prayer for us.
Chick we love you
Love Mommy and Daddy Gaspari
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