Visiting Gonzo daily
by david
I lost My Gonzo 3 weeks ago. I visit his memorial here daily. I read thru the wonderful people who have signed his guest book, Visit theirs, and the beautiful things they write about, and always begin to cry. Iv never been an emotional sort, but, I find crying comforting. It brings my lil buddy closer to me, so, its a good cry.

I would like to thank every1 who has visited Gonzo's Memorial,& read thru our escapades for their lovely thoughts & prayers. God bless you all. We are 1 giant group hug, for whoever is in mourning over the loss of 1's so dear.

Especially, I thank the Rainbows Bridge creators for the wonderful, loving atmosphere they have created here.. You are truly special people
Comments would be appreciated by the author, david
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