It's been a year
by david
It's been a lonely year, lil buddy, without you. There hasnt been a day go by that I dont think of you, unless I was comatose. I have packed your play tunnel, those noisey, rattley balls that you batted around the house in the middle of the night, and all of your other toys away, to be used again, by another cat, 1 day.

Already, I have a lump in my throat, and am fighting back tears as I type this, my last entry at your memorial.

You taught me the most valuable lesson I couldve ever asked for, what real unfettered love is, and how to return it. Something I had never experienced before or since.

I have so many wonderful memories of our years together, our room mate Steve speaks of you often, as do I. We both see you walking thru the house, knowing its but a shadow of the past. We talk of your escapades, and laff at the memories. We've discussed getting another cat, but, it would not be able to replace you, nor would I want it to. Discussion, is as far as we've gotten. I dont know if I could bare another cat, because I would expect it to have your personality, and that is not possible, nor would it be fair. Maybe training it, as I did you, ( tho, I think you trained me more than I trained you) would ease the pain and keep me occupied.

Your scared yowl, when the vets asst took you from me, on the day you were put down, still haunts me, twists in my gut, and brings a tear. A part of me was put down that day as well.

Its been a year, my feline friend, and I must let you go. I have mourned as much as a huMAN possibly can, and a bit more than that.

My health continues to fail, bringing me closer to the day we shall meet again, at the doorway to the rainbow bridge, where I know you will be waiting. Knowing this will make the final day easier for me.

The goodbyes have been said, and it is time to put our stories to their final rest.
It's sundown now, and this is where the cowboy rides away

your huMAN
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