Gonzo, take me home
by david
I had a dream, ( I think) My health is a ticking time bomb, Ive known that for several years. A few weeks ago, I became very sick, weak, and unable to get out of bed, with a hi fever. The hospital sent me home to die, I spose. I lay, half conscious for days. This is where the story gets fuzzy, and kinda.. no, alot weird.
There were people in the room, how many, I cannot say,as it was very hazy. Who they were, I dunno. I was pretty gomered. I remember a voice saying " if it's time, let it happen, dont fight it". Among the inaudible to me mutterings I suddenly felt a very familiar "thump" on the bed. It was Gonzo, jumping up on the bed again!! then I think I realized He'd been dead for a couple of months, and I now had an idea where I was. the plane between life & death? possibly. Getting scared, I reached out to pet him, but, he stayed out of arms reach. " Gonzo take me home" I said. He meowed softly, but, would not let me touch him. Then, my head began to clear, and he faded away, into the haze.
The fever had broken and days later, I was up, walking around again, almost back to my old self. Im told I was reaching out, calling Gonzo to take me home, but, no1 saw what I was seeing, or thought I was seeing. "delirium, from a high fever" is what a professional would call it. BUT, I think I know better.
Gonzo was telling me, it wasn't my time, and I had to go back, tho, I'd rather have gone with him. Well, its the 2nd time Gonzo has brought me back from the brink, Is what Ive rationalized.

I put it to you, the reader. Was it real, or delirium?? .. I had a dream, I think.
Comments would be appreciated by the author, david
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