An Old Man's Heart Is Broken Today
by david
an old man's heart is broken today,
I found you in an ally, a 12 week old kitten dying in the cold of November. I brought you in, and nursed you, was told you'd never survive more than 6 months. I was not going to allow you to die in an ally, but, rather give you a warm, loved, peaceful exit from a life that never had a chance. You improved, grew and became my shadow,"my little buddy". Never more than 3ft away, and always waiting by the door for my return.
A few years later, a stroke almost took me, and thru all the weeks that I was bedridden, you were there, by my head purring, comforting, giving me reason to live.
After 13 years together, I had you put to sleep today, to end your suffering from a heart illness.
My heart is heavy, my bed, where you used to sleep, is empty. But, not as empty as my heart is, for the loss of 1 so dear. I shall trudge on thru a meaningless life now, awaiting the day when we are reunited.
an old man's heart is broken today.
Goodbye my friend, my lil buddy, my life, my Gonzo.

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