My Angel Boy
by colleen conway
I had my heart broken this summer. I finally loved something so much with the depths of my soul and all of my heart that when he had to go away, I fell to my knees in agony and sorrow. When he was himself, it was all I could do not to talk his ear off 24/7 but when he was ill, it was all I could do from begging God for mercy and offering myself instead of him. But he has left us, just for now, and I know I will once again hold him in my arms and sing songs to him. For now, though, I am left with this pit in the bottom of my stomach and a lump in my throat at all times. At first it was every second of every day, I cried, and I cried, and I cried. Well, time, as much as I despise it, has made at least trying to function somewhat more possible, i.e. I am crying completely sporadically and at random. But my heart will never be the same be that a good or bad thing. Or maybe it’s just in the middle, and neither good nor bad. I knew love, felt immense joy and looked forward to life. Now, I look to the sky to see my angel and I am comforted seeing clouds shaped as angel wings and sky’s more beautiful than I have ever witnessed. My Pooka. That is who done this…
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