sugar"s story
by christine scheibler
we adopted sugarbaby march of 2004, she was a cute little ball of fur. she was only 8 weeks old. she picked me to be her mommy, we brought her home to meet her big sister sadie, they were enseperable. sugar loved her mommy so much, she would follow me everywhere, she had to keep an eye on me at all times, she gave me so much unconditional love that sweetest baby girl of mine, she would have cereal with me in the mornings, her favorite treat, and a cute little animal cracker, that she loved, she would follow me everywhere. sugar and i came to live with grandma and grandpa, she loved to go outside here on the beautiful property, she loved to walk around and feel the cool breeze in her face, she loved sitting on the bed together, she loved sitting on the couch with everyone in the family room, she would get a piece of turkey lunchmeat for lunch, when we were eating she would beg for food at dinner time, she got lots of homemade goodies living here at grandma and grandpa"s house, this is where she lived her last few months here with all of us loving on her and talking to her and giving her kisses, telling her we all love her so very much, she would bark at just about anything, she was a good watch dog, her tounge would stick out of her mouth because of loss of teeth, it just made her more adorable, she loved it here so much, she was just getting weaker she had battled heart disease for a long while, and i knew it was time for her to go, to doggie heaven, so grandma and i took her our sweet sugar girl to vet to go to sleep in peace, on july 2 2019, it was a tuesday, she layed in both of our laps and we talked to her as she went to sleep peacefully, no more pain, no more meds, no more sickness, no more suffering for our sweet baby sugar girl, she will be missed sooooooooo
much everyday of our lives!!!!!
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