by bob
O soul, how every day, you unveil the pain that is lodged deep in my heart. The mind, with all its intricate duties, stands steadfast on her. The leash that I held firmly as we walked our familiar path each night. The eyes that sparkled as she came near and told me it was time for a ride in the car. Standing by her food bowl, reminding me it was time eat. The day I received the news the bump on her paw was cancer. The surgeries she endured. Watching as you lost twenty pounds in three months. The terrible and difficult decision I had to make. Holding your sweet head in my hands, trying to tell you I loved you through all the tears. Walking out the door knowing you now would be just a memory. Yes, my soul, it seems cruel what you do. Yet, in time, I know you will stir pleasant and happy memories. And that is what I eagerly await.

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