by ash
Wouldn’t it be lovely
If rainbow bridge was real
And I could come and visit you
And tell you how I feel

Wouldn’t it be lovely
If you had felt no pain
And no so thing as illness
Or cancer in your brain

Wouldn’t it be lovely
If you were by my side
And I wouldn’t have these tears
I wouldn’t have to hide

I miss so much about you
I miss your gentle ways
Feels like all I will do
Is cry for days and days

I hope you knew that I loved you
I hope you knew I cared
I hope the pain has gone now
I hope rainbow bridge is real

More than just a dog to me
More than my best friend
I hope rainbow bridge is real
And it is not the end

You really was my angel
Sent down from above
Im sorry if you suffered
I did it out of love

And as you fell asleep
For the very last time
I held your head within my hands
Your face pressed against mine
I want to so much to keep you
Alive and here with me
But it would have been selfish
And it wasn’t meant to be

My house is not a home no more
Its empty without you
My heart is feels the same
How I wish I was with you
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