Losing My Vincent
by Whitney Pitzlin
Ten months ago we fell in love with two brothers at the humane society. I knew when we walked into the room they were the ones. These last month's our home has been filled with so much love and laughter. Jules is a chubby alpha kitty that is a big sweetheart. Vincent was an affectionate momma's boy. He was my best friend. The day I received the phone call while you were still in surgery that the tumors had spread everywhere was the worst day of my life. Daddy and I drove to the vet tears streaming down our faces. We made the incredibly hard decision to help you cross the Rainbow bridge just six days shy of your fifth birthday. That was two weeks ago today. I still beat myself up wishing we had caught the cancer sooner. I still have your blankets from that day covered in your fur. I hold them and sob and talk to you as if you are here. I know we will make it through this difficult time. I am so thankful you chose us to spend these ten months with you. You were spoiled rotten and loved so much. I think about you every day Vin Vin. We all miss you and love you. We will see you again someday. I know you are eating all the pork you want and chasing the birds up there. We love you.
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