by Wanda
Precious 1993-2010- March 8, 4:45 I so appreciate the support, the calls the words, all of it is what is helping me to endure this grief of my so dear Precious who passed on 8 March 2010, 4.48. She had been with me for so long, over sixteen years. Precious was there when no one else was, right by my side and now that she is gone, it’s like I have been in a daze. Looking at the spot where she used to lay just does not yet seem real.

The water left in her water bowl, and her little pink lease I had gently removed from her small neck. Yes, her journey with me came to an end. So now, I travel the path on without my friend. Precious was not my choice, but I was her choice because somehow she knew that one day I would need a friend. She brought me joy, anger, but above all she brought me love. I go on now, what choice do I have, but I wonder just where have she gone, I am thankful to God for protecting her from harm, and for keeping her always warm. It was the father that enable me to provide a good life, a quality life that many pets don’t have, so I know she knew this and understood this whenever she had to be alone.She respected my space, but at the close of each day, there she was sitting and waiting for a look, a word, to let her know she was so indeed love. And love I did get and love is what I got. when I was sometime wanted to be alone So for now, my precious, I travel on, but know this, I will never ever be alone because deep in my heart, I know that you go on…So rest little girl, you deserve it so well. Your life was long, and you wanted to go home, and yes I am sorry because I now know it was I who kept you from going on.So, now I understand the slow movement, the sad eyes toward the end, You were asking me if you could move on. Run little girl, jump, hop, you served me and now you are free.Forever your Friend

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