A very loved since time began best friend
by Victoria Perry
A very long time ago stardust began to form into 2 sparks of energy.  The dust and energy grew and formed into life.  Life evolved over the ages until one became human and one became canine.  One spark, or spirit became me and one became my little dog Taz. Taz had to  wait a little while I grew up,became a mother,  a grandmother and a great grandmother.   I was getting along in age and I began to feel a little dog sitting in my lap.  I didn't have a little dog.  I had pit bulls and Rottweilers.  The feeling of that little dog in my lap was coming more and more often.  I even told my husband.  Then one day I just happened to look in the free paper , which came open with the pets section right in front of my face.  Right there was a add for rat terrier puppies for sale. She was there! I had to go get her, I had to hurry.  I grabbed my purse and jumped in my car. When I got there the pups were in a box, except her.  She had already started. Walking towards me. I met her half way.  She looked up at me and said.... ......what took you so long?  She was absolutely perfect.   We could talk to each other. She loved me and her daddy with all her heart.  She was kind of different and quirky.  We loved her with all our hearts.  She had her daddy wrapped around her little paw and he liked it.It has been 2 years today since I  had to say good by.  I will never get over .  It had to be like that though because it would have hurt her too much if I had gone first.  It is nearly unbearable
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