Precious Baby Maximon
by Tuli Gappoo
Miss my precious baby, Maximon,passed 13.06.16,after a short illness at 16yers. i miss him a lot,his cuddles,his calling out to let me know he is a big boy sleeping in his own room :) , his happy sounds when i open his favourite "singles" or a can of food. him running to me after work, for that short ride in the car into the yard. his presence in the house. someone is missing, its my baby. he was with me for 16 long beautiful years, leaving so much of him with me, those beautiful memories that i will treasure forever. the strength that i had the morning he was departing still amazes me, i never thought that i will be able to cope with something so huge, but with the help of God and Maximon, i was able to bid my baby a brave and beautiful farewell. consoled him and me that we will meet again and that his brother is waiting upstairs for him and it was ok for him to go. i held him in my arms and he took his last breadths at 1.50am on monday 13.06.16. in doing so, i felt a sense of him "releasing" me, allowing me to go on with my life, he has a sister Belle thats still with us and Dotto, who is neither here or there, but we take care of him when he comes home for a bite or sleep :) Rest in Peace precious Maximon, gone,but never forgotten.
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