From One Tweeter To Another
by Trish
@crazydaisy: I'm a Pied Cockatiel named Daisy. And is a few months old baby.
Mommy got me from a breeder and this cage couldn't be any neater.
I feel like a princess in a castle. I can get around with no hassle.
@not2lipsbutnolips: Hi, Daisy. I now have a sister. Please tell Mommy I do miss her.
One time, I heard Mommy and Grandma's conversation. They were talking about their Spring vacation.
They mentioned a hotel called the Best Western. I then started to call home the Best Nestern.
I'm happy you love the cage and we can share. Mommy will love you and will take good care.
@crazydaisy: Mommy misses you, talks about you everyday. She calls us her flower girls by the way.
@not2lipsbutnolips: After being around Mommy for about a year. Something about her will over time become clear.
This stays between us but she has a rhyming habit. She'll be thinking of something and will blab it.
You'll become rather a poet and you won't even know it. But Daisy, this much I do have to confess.
It's quite a talent for us birds to possess.
@crazydaisy: I have been here for a little over a week. But if I could rhyme, that would be unique.
Oh, wait! Those two words sound almost the same. Daisy may be my name yet rhyming is my game.
@not2lipsbutnolips: Please tell Mommy that here, time does fly. Of toys and treats, there's an endless supply.
I have a corner here that I did pick and one day, it'll be us three chicks.
I know she must be missing me like crazy. I love my Mommy and you too, Daisy.
Comments would be appreciated by the author, Trish
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