Missing you
by Tony Hodges
It has been two weeks since you left and I am still wondering if I had done the best. Your love gave me every hope the days would continue on, then I come home only to find you had gone. I wanted to help you, to bring you back to slowly wake you from your nap. Your crumpled body through glassy eyes I slowly rearranged as I wanted not to cause you more pain. I gazed at you and stroked you too trying to sooth whatever you had gone through. I noticed my tears falling to the floor, first one then many more. Why did I leave and not go away, I wish to have noticed you needed me to stay I miss your greeting at the front door your love and excitement I hoped to experience once more. You left a mark on my heart and even a void, baby I will miss you til my time is come and hope to God you are waiting at Heavens front door.
If by chance you are not at this great Gate, I will ask of them “what was her fate?” If I am told it is some other place, I will glance around and state “surely she is where love is even more great” “Sir please point the way to where I can find her, for my heart does break” I will search the universe all over and for eternity hope to find, this little girl who brought me so much love and left me behind.
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