In Memory Of Bingo
by Theresa
In loving memory of Bingo the family cat who belonged to my Mom. Mom gave me instructions when she passed away she wanted me to take care of Bingo. Unfortunately that day came August 6, 2000. Extremely saddened by the death of Mom yet so pleased knowing she specified she wanted me to take care of Bingo. So for the next 10 years he was in my care. It was great in so many ways. Bingo at almost 18 years old when he passed was one bright cat. There is just not enough room here to explain everything he did or could understand! When he passed though it was like losing Mom all over again! They both are missed so very much every single day. They have taken a piece of my heart and it will be wonderful when we are reunited with them and everyone else human or animal that has passed including Miss Kitty, Spike, Spike's Mommy, Missy, Dad, Sis, Greg and so many others over the years.
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