The loss of a stray that I was just beginning to l
by Teresa
This is my story about a stray cat we had just named Midnight recently because she was almost solid black. She showed up one day in my backyard near my pool deck. I said hello and she was with me for a little over a month. I took her to the vet and had her first round of shots, due to come back in three weeks. Even had her scheduled to be spayed on the 11th of November. Went out around 11 am today and found her under my deck dead. No idea what happened to her. I am thankful if only for a little while this fur baby came into my life. This is one stray that at least got to know what it felt like to be loved and petted. My sweet Midnight you can rest in peace and you were only in my life a short while but I will never forget you.
Stray cats need love to and I am glad this baby got that if only for a short while.
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