Your Forever Home.
by Teddy Devellerez
I had two Golden Retrievers Jessie and Sarah within a matter of months ai lost my Golden Sarah, then my dear husband died, within weeks I lost my beautiful Jessie My world was so empty, I was alone and my two sons kept telling me to go to a shelter and try and find a little dog. It was my Mothers Anniversary of her death and I had a medical appointment which took me past the Dogs Home. A voice in my head as I drove past said to me call in on the way back home. I did asking if they had any little dogs who needed a home,
Sorry but the little dogs seem to go first, then with a gasp she said Oh! just a minute there is a little dog that is almost ready would you like to see him, they took me to a very large cage and there was this little Golden Ball that had been shaved and treated his name is "Ted" I fell in love with this little Maltese x Shi Zu, trying to visulize just what he would grow in to. Can I think about it after all it is a big commitment to make, I was told that they closed at 4pm and sould have to be qui k as they felt he would soon find a home.
I drove home all the time thinking of this poor little 9 month old Christmas present that had gone wrong, my heart went out to him. by the time I reached home my mind was made up, I phoned the Shelter and they said they would wait until I returned to pick him up.
Soon I found myself picking him up and paying for him, buying him a few essentials we were soon on our way HOME, Within weeks the ugly ducking had turned in to a little Prince, he became "Teddy" instead of "Ted" that Everyone loved, a real lap dog he became my constant companion for 16 years, towards the end he started having problems going blind,arthritis and a leaking heart valve. all of which were being treated, Sadly on Easter Sunday my baby had a stroke followed by several more, It was time to leave this world for his rainbow in the Sky, God Bless you my darling Teddy RIP. little one.
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