The best cat ever - my Romeo
by Tania Roberts
My dear Romeo,
Mommy's heart is in pieces. You looked so peaceful as you were only sleeping. I cried and wished you would just wake up!
We had you in our lives for 4 years only as I adopted you from a rescue organization. You took over the house the moment you arrived and until you left.
As a baby your voice was not fully developed but you made up with all the purring. You sounded like a generator the moment we touched or spoke to you. You crept into our hearts and that is why the goodbye is so painful.
You had different tricks and habits with each of us, but you were Mommy's boy and knew who gave the treats. You brought lizards and birds as prezzies but shared your human sister and mommy or daddy had to "save" the poor soul. Your daddy misses you with all the morning cuddles,kisses and talks the boys had.
You are back in the house my boy and mommy is trying to cope with the pain and sadness that has consumed me the past 2 days.
We all miss you and send our love. I hope you are getting enough treats over there. Please find Tiggy and tell him I miss him too.
I will see you one day my boy and can't wait for all the lovies.

Your mommy Tania
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