Thank You To My Bridge Kid
by Susan Lynch.........................................
Thank you to my Bridge Kid <br>
(In honor of Ginny, Fifi, and <br><p>

You brought me to this beautiful place <br>
Where I don't have to hide my face <br>
Or turn away as I start to cry <br>
Or act as if you didn't die. <br><p>

This beautiful place called Rainbows Bridge <br>
Where we share stories of our kids, <br>
Where each and every person knows <br>
That in deep sorrow, friendship grows. <br><p>

We share our laughs, we share our pain, <br>
We come back here in sun and rain. <br>
We start to heal, we learn to grow, <br>
And all because of the love we've known. <br><p>

We learn to live our lives again, <br>
To love, to welcome others in. <br>
To let them come into our hearts, <br>
Our homes, our souls, our deepest parts. <br><p>

You live forever, your legacy grows <br>
With each fur kid we come to know <br>
And treasure just as we treasured you. <br>
You knew we'd find this to be true. <br><p>

You had faith in us when we felt lost. <br>
You knew the pain was just the cost <br>
Of loving so well, so deep, so true, <br>
Of loving someone as perfect as you. <br><p>

Thank you for your deep belief <br>
That I would learn, and find relief <br>
From the suffering I thought would never end, <br>
Thank you, my Bridge Kid, my truest friend. <br><p>

Susan Lynch 2 December, 2005, In memory of Buddy Guy Ayres-Lynch

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