Losing Charlie Unsworth
by Susan Unsworth
Dear Charlie,

It's only 48 hours since you left me. Both Daddy and I feel like somebody has put their hands down our throats and ripped our hearts out. We are hurting so badly. The vet tells me you had a twisted intestine. It is very rare and they don't know why it happens. Oh Charlie how did that happen. I hope you didn't suffer and I am so very sorry that my love couldn’t save you.

You mean the world to me, my darling loveable friend. Together we have been through so much in the last 3 months, especially Daddy's heart attack. I don't know what I would have done those dark nights without you. How and why did this have to happen.

You know how much I love you and I surely know how much you loved me, that's a good thing and gives me some comfort at this dark time. I am missing you like crazy. Last night I slept with your blanket and collar, just so I could feel close to you and feel you near me. Every time I got up, I looked for you, knowing you were not there, but so wishing you were.

I have left all your toys around the house and your dirty smudge marks on the window as the house is so empty without you. Today I went and got some photos of you printed so I can see you while I wait for you to come home.

Charlie Marley, this is so very hard for me and should not have happened. I came to say goodbye. I hope you saw that and somehow you know my love for you will go on forever. I am going to miss you every day, but you will be in my heart always and over time I am hoping I can smile again when I think of you and remember the special love that only we shared. How loving you made my life that much brighter.

Thank you for loving me Charlie and please know that I loved you with no limitations. You were my world little man. You were one in a million and it seems unfair that a one in a million event took you away from me.

I do hope you are at Rainbow Bridge with Amy running around under Dot's watchful eye, that you are free of pain and happy.

Always remember how very much I love you and I will always remember your unconditional love for me. Miss you so much Charlie, I really do.

Love Mummy xxxx
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