My Special Princess
by Sue Anderson
My sweet little Princess, how very much I miss you.
For all these many years, you've been ...
my constant companion and faithful friend, my confidante, room-mate, and lap-warmer, guardian of hearth, yard and home against creepy crawly things, my insurance against loneliness, my comfort in times of sadness

Once so proud and regal, energetic and sociable, reduced to only a shadow of your former self, - disease and years having sapped your strength

You lost your zest for life many months ago but fought the good fight like a champion, enduring prodding and poking, needles and pills, 'til finally you were too weak to go on.

I will always remember the good times we had and all the things you liked to do:
riding in the back window of my car to run errands or look
at the bright Christmas lights
sitting in my lap for hours, content to be held like a babe in
my arms
following along on walks thru the neighborhood
entertaining with my friends in the living room
waiting by the door for me and "scolding" me when I
worked late
licking half the topping off a pie I set out to cool!
making your weekly "visit" to the neighbor's house
"helping" me work in the garden
sleeping on your pillow next to me in my bed
getting treats - and coming back for more.

You LOVED people and parties, and always wanted to be in the middle of the festivities. I will cherish your pictures and these memories.
Good-bye my dear friend.

b. 01Aug 1984 - d. 31Dec2001
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