A tiny piece of clay.
by Sue Hurst.........................................
One glorious day God looked around Heaven and saw in the corner a small piece of clay that had gone unnoticed. He picked it up and held it in His mighty Hand as He decided what to do with such a tiny piece. He who can create something out of nothing decided that day to make a miracle.Being held in the Hand of God warmed the little piece of clay and God gently began to mold it.
He said to the clay,"I will make you more like Me than any other creature on Earth. I will give you My eyes and like Me you will look at everyone with love. Those looking into your eyes will see only love. Along with My eyes I will give you ears that hear the voices of those you love.You will listen and when you hear your name being called you will run to those who spoke your name; glad they called to you.I will give you My compassion so you will know when those you love are hurting and need your presence; you will seek them out and comfort them. The most important thing I will give you is a heart like Mine. This heart will love without conditions;nothing anyone can do will make you love them less. It will be a love that never fails those to whom you give it. Your heart, as Mine does, will forgive any wrongs done to you. There is nothing that you will not be able to forgive. I will give you a gentle soul; you will walk on the Earth simply; with only the desire to be loved. I will give you the love of life; you will bring great joy to those you love and they will find their happiness in you. I will give all these things to you, My Sweet Mollie, and then I will give you to Kurt and Sue.
But the one thing I will not give you is eternal life on Earth. I can only give you life on Earth for a short time. On October 7th,2011 I will come and gather you in My arms and bring you back home with me. There will be tears on that day and for many days after.But in your place I will give Kurt and Sue wonderful memories. But have no fear, Little One, that you will never see them again for one day I will call their names and once again you will be in the arms of those you love.
When God had finished molding His little piece of clay; He reached down and placed Mollie into the hearts and arms of Kurt and Sue. Mollie did do all the things she had been made to do. She loved unconditionally, she forgave any wrongs, and she brought comfort, happiness and great joy to the ones she loved. But the day came when God took her tired little body home. As He had told her, her leaving did bring great pain and grief to the ones she left behind.The tears flow,the hearts are broken,and there is much sorrow.
But one day God will fulfill His promise to reunite the family He created with just a small piece of clay.
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