A lab husky.
by Sky Park
My name is Sky Park, my mom and dad decided to take me to a friends house to look at puppies. I chased puppies through flower beds and in between parked cars. But, no matter where I went there was one puppy trailing behind me. I didn't know at the time what impact she would have on my life. I told my parents that she was the one I wanted. I named her Daffney, she was a golden lab husky mix and she was my best friend. A short four years later me and my family moved. My parents didn't even question bringing Daffney with us. In my new house I was moved down to the basement. Things were ok for awhile until I had a traumatizing nightmare. After that dream I wouldn't sleep in the basement. My parents would put me to bed only for me to come upstairs a few hours later. My parents agreed to let my baby come in and sleep in my room with me. I picked out a blanket for her to sleep on until I earned enough money to buy her a bed. Every night Daffney laid down right by my bed, or in my bed, knowing that I needed her. When she was 13 me and my dad noticed a small lump on her stomach. We mentioned it to the vet during her next visit. A year later the mass was had become cancer. My parents suggested going to the vet, but it was my approval that sealed my babies fate. Her last night with me she struggled to get in my bed but succeeded. I read to her from her favorite book and cried while holding her. Leaving her at the vet was one of the hardest things I've had to do.
My darling Daffney, I know that you were in a lot of pain, and I hope it's gone now. I hope you've made it across the bridge and are chasing birds and running every where you can. My baby I hope to see you again some day, I love you and think of you often. Goodbye my baby, I'll see you again on the other side of the rainbow.
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