Molly Doesn't Live Here Anymore
by Skip Moreland
Eulogy for Molly

It’s morning! A cold nose wake-up call says, “time to walk”
Running like the wind, ears flopping, on porches, behind bushes
Rolling in the grass, meeting friends, eating worms
Finding joy in every new scent!

I walk briskly along, trying to keep up
Savoring the sunrise, marveling at the energy
Life is good!

Waking up is no longer an event
Only stillness, quiet spaces, no special greetings
A walk is just a walk, a blend of subtle hues, muted energies

Molly doesn’t live here any more

My constant companion follows wherever I go
Under my desk as I write, napping in the afternoon
Up with me at night, in the bathroom as I go
Cuddles and warm licks always ready

I am forever grateful for the love, the care
Timeless lessons of faith, hope and perseverance
My closest friend!

Now I search for her
Downstairs? Outside? Under the desk?
Time to be on your own, Dad

Molly doesn’t live here any more

Caring and compassion were her mission
A therapy master with over 200 visits
Hospitals, nursing homes, schools, libraries
Going anywhere she was called, staying as long as needed

I watched her spin her magic with people
She had a special connection to humans
How did we get so lucky?

No more bedside chats
No more listening as children read
So many friends will miss her

Molly doesn’t live here any more

Born with a tongue too large for her mouth
Sticking out even during sleep
Carrying multiple toys, stealing socks
Gripping your hand at every exciting return

I joke to friends who stop by
Sorry! She just can’t hold her licker
So sweet!

All my socks are where I left them
All her toys are in her box
What I would give for one more lick

Molly doesn’t live here any more

What a quirky young lady
Rug wrecker, tentative tugger, cautious traveler
Nervous DIY helper, supreme eater, supreme pooper
Dancing on the bed with paws over ears

I laugh at her curious habits and personality
Singing with her sister at every passerby
Chasing rabbits in her dreams

No more howling, no more dancing on the bed
Rugs are all in place, nights are quiet
I miss those quirks!

Molly doesn’t live here any more

That day when anxiety took over
A curious inability to go to the bathroom
A look that said, something’s not right
Woe and wonder on her face

On that day we let her go
Let go of our selfish needs
Freed her from the hurt that she couldn’t understand

Her passing was peaceful, a soft release
Mom and Dad by her side
Grief is simply love, with no place to go!

Molly doesn’t live here any more

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