by Shilo Dempsey
A poem I wrote for my Picy baby.

I missed you this morning
When it was time to get out of bed
I didn’t get to see your tail wag
Or scratch your little head

I got out of bed
And walked down the stairs
I was waiting to hear your little feet
But your prints were no longer there

I grabbed your favorite treats
And gave each furry face one to chew
I realized I was missing a dog
And I turned to look for you

At that moment it hit me again
You were called to your final home
I no longer have my baby Pico
Its Gods turn to give you your bones

My mind flashed to our last time together
I snuggled you waiting for your last breath
I told you how much I loved you
And I felt your body relax as your soul left

I miss you so much my Picy
You were my most loyal friend
Tell grandpa, Misty and Junior I said to hold you
Until we are all together again

My tears will always fall
Ill miss you more than you could know
Goodbye my little fur baby
I wish you didn’t have to go.

I swear I knew it would hurt, but my soul is broken.
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