by Sheryl
8 years ago I was asked to care for a 10 year old dauchand for 2 weeks. He had a family coming to adopt him. The time spent for the 2 weeks was under a blanket sleeping most of the time. He didn't really want to be part of the other 3 dauchsund pack and my one basset hound group. I didn't want to get attached because he was leaving in a few days. The new family came and at the time I owned a pet shop, so I got him a new collar and lead for his new trip home. The next day we got a phone call from the pound that Cecil had bit a child the night before and his new family didn't want him. We were told if we didn't come that night he would be put down. My husband went right away and pick him up. We found out the next day the lady that took him had brought him over to thanksgiving dinner and a young child picked him up by his front legs. From that day on Cecil was part of our family. He was very much a loner and didn't trust anyone. He would nip and try to bite me or my husband if we picked him up. After bringing him to the vet we found out he had many bad teeth and had arthritis . Poor guy he was in pain and the home he was taken from had abused him. We got his teeth fixed and on some pain meds and we just loved on him. Over 3 years he finally started trusting us and became one of the pack. He would happily sleep on his pillow on the far side of the bed. In the winter of 2010 my husband died, I was so sad, all 5 of my dogs would lay for hours with me in bed. Cecil started coming around he wanted to be petted and would snuggle up at night by my side. Over the pass 2 years he had gotten so gray and his ears had very little hair on them. He wore a different sweater everyday to keep him warm his once chubby body looked like a old man. This didn't slow him down. He developed dementia and would get lost in the house. My Bassett Sadie would nudge him in the right direction. In the mornings Cecil would sleep in, Sadie would bark and nudge him to get up. Even in these last days when Cecil lost most of his site and hearing, he knew it was treat time and hop up and down along with the others. The last week of sweet Cecil's life he wanted to sleep on my arm all night, he would bark once that ment he had to go outside. He would then bark once again I would pick him up and Put him back next to me for the night. Last night he seemed to want to lay really close to me and this morning sleep extra long. When he did get up yesterday he was his playfull self eatting his breakfast and getting a treat before I headed off to work. I came home early today, and when only 2 pups came to greet me I knew something was wrong. Sadie was outside licking little Cecil. He had died�� I carried him back into the house his little body was still warm and placed him in a box with his blanket. All my other fur babies wanted to lick and rub on him. Sadie was so sad, I think she understood he was gone. Even tho he was 18 years old, it's hard to think waking up tomorrow or sleeping tonight without him. I'm so thankful that he was part of my life, he had the softest fur I had ever felt it was like velvet. He was a wonderful pup and even with his biting background, he learned what it was to be loved and stopped biting and really enjoyed being loved on. Cecil thought me that even dogs that have had a troubled pass can be loving parts of your family. Every dog needs a second chance. He will be truly missed. I love and miss you Cecil. ������������ Sadie jack Nicholas and cookie miss you too.
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