Letting go of Momma Cat
by Sharon
Momma, you showed up on Good Friday, April 14th 2006. I was 37 years of age then. If only you knew how you changed my life my world forever. My life for the first time had meaning and purpose. You were a God send. Shortly after, we added to our crew. A litter of 4, you gave me your children to look after and take care of. One went missing, never knew what happened to him. You observed me as i took care of your remaining brood. you were all feral, and how i loved and cared for you all so deeply.
You had another litter before i finally had you fixed and your kids. Unfortunately the last litter did not survive. then soon after Our Sparkey, your son was hit by a car at 10 months old. i asked God for signs, he confirmed it. first my dad told me Sparkey was in heaven. that got me thinking alot about animals when they die. i asked God for a sign and he showed me a rainbow of lights like a bridge symbolizing a rainbow bridge. i knew it was from God, still not convinced. i did more research, then eventually being led to a cat shelter where i have been serving for 11 years and counting.
i look into the eyes of the cats. I see the souls of those creatures. love, hurt, pain, joy, sorrow. God loves these beautiful babies. how could there not be a place in heaven for all of Gods creatures. There is. Momma cat, it all started with you.
the years came and went. Every winter i build the three of you a heated shelter condo with camera so i can keep an eye on you all.
with very little sleep, sometimes being woken up by an angel, letting me know there is a disturbance. going outside to make sure all is well and you were all settled in again.
many sleepless nights, but worth it.
then this spring summer, you didn't look yourself, was not sure what was going on. being feral you made my life crazy, chasing you all over the yard to eat your food.
you loved loved to eat.
Fast forward Sunday September 8th 2019. i saw you waning, i couldn't bear it no longer, had to trap you. I cornered you with the trap and you walked in with just a little fight.
took you to the cat rescue where the vet would come to check you out.
you were sad all day. my heart was breaking.
LIttle did i know that would be my last day with you.
i was not prepared for wat the vet told me.
you had a cancerous tumor growth in the nasal area. not very common.
prognosis not good. i could of hung unto you a few more days, but i could no longer see you suffer. I had to let you go to heaven and be with your Saviour. you had hung in there for me. you were a fighter till the end. you breathed your last breath at the cat rescue just after 11pm. that night. i could not stand to see my baby take her last breath, so i asked the shelter owner to stand in as i exited.
shivering and shaking on the way home, i yelled out some screams as i drove home. i was not angry at God, just sad of letting go and now i have to wait to see you again.
a couple of days have gone by and i am filled with so much peace knowing my baby is ok and happy beyond my imagination. God has given me this peace and reassurance. the sadness is missing and the waiting to see you again and all those little fur babies who have gone before.
i will do my absolute best to care for your two daughters, the loves of my life. thats all i have remaining from you momma. God as He has always done will help me take care of them till their time comes and i have to send them home too. i pray i will have many many more years with them.
Thank you God for allowing momma cat in my life those 13 plus years that have gone by like the wind and thank you for making my life meaningful and the work done is not in vain. may all your blessed animal creatures praise and bless your Holy name for now and till all eternity. .

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