From My Heart
by Screwy Louie
From My Heart by Screwy Louie
From the Rainbow Bridge I'm watching over you,
I feel your pain so much sadness and feeling blue.
My spirits there and will always be right by your side,
The love we have for each other we can never hide.
With all the love you have for me I'll never ever leave,
I'll always be your guiding spirit this you can believe.
When your feeling down know I'll always be around,
To lift you up and chase away any of those sad frouns.
All dogs that cross the bridge leave a piece of their heart,
To fill a hole in your heart that was left when we had to part.
Know that we both bonded together when you picked me up,
So that piece of my heart was given to you when I was a pup.
So remember all the walks the talks and runs out by the sea,
So you can remember and smile as your thinking about me.
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