Franklin, My Best Friend
by Samantha Russo
Dear Franklin/FrankieLynn/Bubby,

We didn’t have very much time together, but I am grateful for the time that we did have. I have cherished every single moment with you and will always have our wonderful memories to look back on. I have loved getting to know each other.
When we first started you on medicine for your liver, neither of us knew what we were doing. I love that we learned together, though. I learned how to hold you properly and that coating the pills in butter made them easier for you to swallow. I know that the liquid medicine was yucky, but we learned to put it toward the back of your tongue so it wouldn’t taste as bad. I know that rewarding you with treats helped because you expected them after medicine and would get excited. You sure do love your Temptations! You always did such a great job with medicine. Although, sometimes I would find the little green pills in the carpet and it would make me laugh. I would sit with you to make sure you swallowed them, but somehow, you managed to spit them out.
I have so many more memories of the time we spent together.
You loved your chin and your itchy tooth being scratched. And you never declined belly rubs. I would always joke that you were a dog in your past life.
I love how you would lay inside my hula hoop. I always thought that was very cute and weird of you.
I love how you would stand up and scratch your paws on my white dresser. I also know how much you loved playing with your toys, especially with the gray string.
I love how you would sit on my kitchen table and beg whenever I ate. You love bagelbites, Smartfood popcorn, spaghetti with sauce, icecream, milk, cheese, butter, and any sort of dressings and sauces. In moderation of course. Whenever I sit at my table to eat, I will be thinking of you and all the foods you would enjoy.
I found it peaceful that you would sit on the backside of the couch and watch the world outside the window. And just about every time I would come home, you would hear my car horn, know it was me, then greet me at the door. This made me so happy and it made me feel so loved by you.
Whenever I see your special plaid blanket, I will think of you. I will miss your fur everywhere, medicine droplets on the blankets and carpet, and litter on our bathroom floor. I will miss your scent, the way you cross your little paws when you lay down, and how cute you look all the time.
Whenever I see a can of frosting, I will think of you because that’s what we used for your water cup on my nightstand. I always did my best to make sure you could reach it.
I will miss feeding you breakfast and dinner each day. And I will miss adding shredded cheese to it to make it even yummier for you.
I love that each morning I’d wake up and head to the kitchen to make coffee, and you’d be right there watching me, and waiting for your breakfast.
When I would come home from work, the first thing I’d do was pick you up and lay on my bed with you on my chest. Cuddling, scratching your chin, and giving you love. I missed you whenever we were away from each other.
It breaks my heart knowing that whenever I come home, you won’t be there. My home became our home, then you became my home. I will miss every single one of these things about you, and many more.
Franklin, you are my best friend and always will be. I love that I could talk to you about anything and you would be there for me. Thank you for that.
We still have a few more days together and I promise that I will make them as comfortable for you as possible. I miss you already.
I love you more than words can describe and more than you will ever be able to comprehend. I know that you will be waiting for me in heaven. Until then, you will remain in my heart.
Love always,
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