I believe in angel because he showed me one
by Sallie
Wilbur was a six-month-old Netherlands dwarf rabbit who cried on his first night with me in my Roselawn Avenue apartment. He was missing his peers and didn’t like to be left alone I was so depressed after a break-up with Jade.
I gave him nibbles, hay and a bowl of water as I pet him, I said sorry if I could not attend to his needs at the moment I was down in the dumps and my heart’s aching!
Wilbur saw me drink heavily as days went on he heard me scream and weep seeing how miserable my life was but his presence made me move on fast. He did funny stuff listening to my love story as we looked into each other’s eyes.
He circled with joy whenever my son and I woke up. Wilbur liked his bagel with cream cheese veggie pizza, banana, cabbage carrots, broccoli a piece of cake, strawberry, lettuce, cauliflower.
Then the fire alarm rang for almost 10 minutes straight on April 15, 2015 my bunny ran and hid - he was scared of the noise. He never ate anything after that but he still hopped going to his box house and stayed there in silence.
At midnight Wilbur slumped his head on the floor suffering from cardiac arrest and died. I was heartbroken and still I am as of this day. Yes, an angel showed up and left me after five years.

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