I Never Would Have Thought
by Sabrena Crowder
"Gone Too Soon"

I remember how excited Tristan and I were to finally pick you up from the pet store. We had been choosing names for you all week, but when I saw you I immediately said "Aww,look at the Lil Fella" and that was who you became.

You were such a sweet doggie. We immediately fell in love with you. You were so easy to potty train, and cried when we would put you in your cage. Eventually we never used the cage, you slept with me and became my other baby boy.

Everyone loved you. You were such a puppy person and our friends instantly became your own friends too. Where we went.....you went. Even if you weren't suppose to be there. I remember the time I wrapped you up in baby blankets and snuck you into the hotel we stayed at for Tristan's drum line parade (that didn't allow pets). You were such a good boy, no one even knew you weren't a real (human) baby. Lol.

You were always my baby though. I made sure you were always dressed in the cutest clothes, coats, and groomed nicely.
You had just celebrated your 6th birthday this past July 5th. To know you died such a cruel death via another dog will always hunt me. I'm glad I was able to make it home in time to cradle your little mangled body and that you saw my face before you took your final breath. Maw Maw is so sorry she was unable to save you. She is heartbroken.

Fellzy....I will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS love and remember you. No other doggie can ever take your place. Me, Maw-Maw, Tris, Mark and your little monkey toy misses you tremendously.

RIP baby boy,


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