Previous Olive
by Ruth Thomas
Precious Olive

KY2Our precious Olive has left us
She crossed the Rainbow Bridge to the sweet by and by-
No longer in pain and discomfort
She’s romping freely thru the deep blue sky

There will never be another Olive
Her mold was broken at birth-
So sweet, gentle, kind and loving
She’ll never be replaced here on earth

She taught us so many lessons
In her own special way-
She reminded her Gpa not to speak loudly when he was upset
By just giving him her “look”and then quickly walking away

She taught her Gma there was no reason
To be frightened when she saw a dog-
But rather that dogs are friendly
And very seldom treat you wrong

She was her Gpa’s caregiver
Laying right in front of his chair-
Always making sure that he was “a okay”
Those two made quite a pair!

Her Daddy often asked
Is she was a dog or cat-
‘Cause she could sneak up right behind you
With her soft pitter pat

She loved to take walks
Especially walks to the park-
She always found the perfect spot
To leave her daily mark

With her paws crossed just so
She would lay on the floor-
She looked just like a princess
Ready to be adorned

Mommy and Daddy were her favorite people
They loved her without measure-
They’ve lost their “sweet girl”
But will remain in their hearts forever

She will always be missed
She took a piece of our hearts-
We are so thankful for the years we had her
But it’s so difficult to have to part.

Love You Olive
Ollie Girl
Sweet Girl
Olive Marie (Gma’s)
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