Memories Lucy Lou Tessier (LuLu)
by Ruth Peterson
Hi. My name is Lucy; I’m a 10 year old York/poo. I was 3 pounds of joy in 2005 so cute…. When I came into my family lives. . Most of you that know me know that I was a Happy, gentle dog that never growled or hurt anyone. You also know that I was very affectionate dog...and I love my family very much. Mom she was a sweet heart who spoiled me, dad was very loving and spoiled me too. And Annah is my sister. She is a sweet heart, but I only seen her when she came to visit, wish I seen more of her. Annah is now 22 years old and has a little Pug named Frankie. Cute little girl Annah did have a Pug name Moe, but he died years ago. Sad. I was just a puppy then and I use to run under his stomach, and chase him. Annah was so sad when Moe pasted away. She was heartbroken.
I would follow mom and dad around and wait patiently for them to play with me, take me for a walk, (I get two or more walks a day depending on the weather). I loved my walks! I always bring them my leash when I wanted to go. Dad had to wipe my feet after walks, so I do not track on the carpet. I did get a little messy sometimes. I did not like that much.
I had my favorite yellow bunny; I carried everywhere. It was a little too big for me to carry when I was a puppy. But I did not care. Annah got it for Easter, and then when I came along I claimed it as my. Annah let me have it.

I always wait by the window for my mom come home, I seen her car a block away. I went and grab my yellow stuff bunny and greeted her at the door.
My mom and dad had me groom a couple times a year, but mom groom me in between my haircut, and gave me baths. She called me to the bathroom and I knew I had to have a bath. I was very good and stood still until mom was done. Then she put me down and I ran to dry myself.
Mom groomed me once and I moved and she cut my tongue that HURT! I was bleeding and she felt so bad and scared. I kissed her to let her know I am ok. The bleeding stopped and I was fine. I had a scar on my tongue.
I like to play and chase Lucky (one of my boyfriends) His dad is this Russian who does not speak English. I see Lucky go by for his walk and I go crazy wanting to go outside to play.
I had another boyfriend Gus (Yorkie) he was my neighbor and my first boyfriend; We use to sneak up to each other and played until we got tried and had to rest. Gus moved away with his mom and brother Gizmo. I played with Gizmo too; cute little Yorkie. But he was younger than me. My mom always called me a little flirt.
Sadly Gus got sick and died July 2015; he was 10 years old.
I had many dog friends:
• Pixie, (4 pound Maltese) we went to puppy class together. And we played and went for walks. Her mom Mary babysat me when my mom and dad was out of town and could not take me with.
• Khloe was a senior dog, (Lhasa Apso) her mom Marion watched me when my parents were out of town. Khloe just died in 2015 she was 17 years old. We got along great and became good friends.
• Max (Maltese/Yorkie) a cutie (3 years old). Max dad Mark is a friend and neighbor of the family and we went for walks all the time.
• Hemi is another (Maltese/Yorkie) a cutie too (3 years old). We went for walks too. His mom Colleen is a neighbor and she had a dog Chevy; he was run over a few years ago. Colleen was very heart broken, she now has a Hemi and it makes her very happy.
I liked my friends, and will miss them.

I had my share of doctor visit. Mainly it was my yearly. Oh, I hated going to the Vet and getting shots.
I have been to the Vet on occasion when I was not feeling well, nothing serious at the time
In 2008 (three years old 11 lb.) I was chewing on a pen that was on the floor. I got blue ink all over on the carpet and my face. I was not feeling well and mom and dad took me to the vet. They took X-rays and gave me Barium and found something struck; thought it might be part of a pen. So they did surgery. After surgery, they had to keep me overnight at the Animal Hospital. It turned out they cut me open and did not fine anything struck. Dad was mad that they put me through that.
I had an eye infection in July 2015, Corneal Ulcers. The Vet put a contact lens in my eye to help it. Mom had to give me three different mediations. I had to wear a Cone around my neck, so I would not scratch my eye. That was not fun!
In December 2015 I fainted and dad rushed me to the Vet. The Vet did all kinds of test, but did not find anything, and do not know why I fainted. Maybe, that was the start of it. They did not check the heart.
In March all of a sudden, I started breathing heavy. Increased in respiration noise. My mom made appointment to go to the Vet the next day and dad took me in. They took X-rays of my heart and evaluation exam, radiographs and bloodwork. The radiograph showed a few different things that were concerning enlarge heart; fluid around the lungs; concern for liver disease or right sided congestive heart failure leading of blood not properly reaching my heart.
I most lively had congestive heart failure. The Vet recommends a cardiac work-up with UM Veterinary Medical Center cardiology.
Dad & Mom were so scared and worried.

Dad made appointment at the UM Vet Medical Center.
My breathing was getting heavier and I was getting weaker.
The vet said the news is not good, BUT, I was NOT dying.
I know mom and dad was hoping for me to see the Vet at the UM for more test.
I died the night before in my mom’s arms, I looked at mom and I was gone.
Mom and Dad said I was a very special dog and they loved like a child.
So here I am waiting patiently now for my family to join me. I broke their hearts and I'm sorry for that. I love them very much and I know they love me.
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